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Fine Cut Labels Direct manufacture high quality labels for a wide and ever-growing range of industries.

Heritage & Innovation

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With a complete catalogue of standard labels, we deliver reliable labelling options for categories such as asset marking, electrical safety, warning labels, and many more.  With small minimum order quantities, a range of sizing options alongside rapid lead times, we are proud to offer our customers a matchless service & delivery. 

Our durable and high quality labelling products are designed and manufactured by experienced technicians at our state-of-the-art facilities in West Sussex. Operating as a specialist division within the prestigious and long-established Fine Cut Group, we benefit from the expertise of a team of highly trained technicians alongside the capabilities of a full state-of-the-art production suite, home to all the latest in print and manufacturing technology.

Decades of Excellence 

This specialist label division has served a wealth of industries nationwide since 1960, initially as renowned UK supplier Circuitape before being acquired by Fine Cut in 2005 and rebranded as Labels Direct. 

Merging our significant experience of - and superb reputation in - the labels industry with this fellow quality labelling manufacturer enabled us to diversify and significantly update and expand the range of products and services we offer our customers. Operating all Fine Cut divisions from under one roof allows us to collaborate and share skills between departments, offer competitive lead times, create innovative solutions and offer a seamless customer service experience.  


Every one of our employees is a quality practitioner, and we strive together to create products of unparalleled excellence, meeting both technical and functional demands, and always exceeding expectations. Fine Cut is committed to absolute precision and consistency, promising that each product created is as perfect as the last one produced, thanks to our closely monitored inspection and stringent quality standards.  Thanks to this stringent attention to detail,  high quality management standards  and an enduring commitment to quality manufacturing, we are proud to be ISO and UL accredited.

Fine Cut is proud to be ISO 9001: 2015 compliant, demonstrating our high quality management standards and stringent quality control processes.

ISO Certificate

Fine Cut participates in the UL Authorised Label Supplier Program under UL LP1518 file number, manufacturing UL certified labels & marking solutions for a range of industries across the globe.

RoHS Compliant

Fine Cut Group’s manufacturing and procurement processes are fully compliant with the statutory requirements of RoHS Regulations. This directive aims to restrict certain dangerous substances commonly used in electronic equipment.

The following hazardous chemicals are not present in our products (or are within the permitted levels for raw materials used by Fine Cut Group Ltd) unless explicitly permitted for use in exempted products.

Fine Cut Group Ltd holds documentary evidence from our suppliers of substrates, inks and solvents which confirm that these products as supplied to us conform to RoHS Regulations.

RoHS Certificate