Digital Labels

Utilising our state-of-the-art digital print technology allows us to offer the most comprehensive range of digitally printed labels on the market. We can provide almost any label, for any environment with a range of finishes and adhesives.

The Fine Cut Direct Digital Process (DDP) allows for on-demand digital labels and overlay printing to photographic quality with the added luxury of variable data serial numbering and barcode inclusion.

Our digital print presses guarantee an optimum print quality on a wide variety of substances including polycarbonates, polyesters, PVC, vinyls, metal and even glass.

Labels, graphic overlays and membrane switches... with true liquid ink offset quality printing for quantities as few as one at a fraction of the standard production time are now a reality at Fine Cut.

With optimum print quality and sophisticated colour management system, our digital print capabilities can surpass the requirements of our customers and offer the ultimate label and marking solution.

  • Materials for Labels

    We manufacture digital labels from a very wide range of commercially available substrates including papers, self adhesive vinyls (in a multitude of base colours), rigid white and mark resist pvc, polycarbonates, polyesters (including the latest tamper evident, ultra distinct and metallised forms), aluminium foil and sheet, brass and stainless steel.

    The substrates can be reverse printed, surface printed (and overlaminated for extra protection), sequentially numbered and supplied in strips, sheets or rolls for all labelling needs.

  • Facilities

    Fine Cut now offer one of the most advanced digital print facilities in the UK, with a range of digital printers including state of the art UV flatbed with full colour management system. When we decided to introduce digital printing technology the objective was not to migrate our screen printed range of labels and overlays to a digital print production process but to allow us to diversify our current product range and respond more rapidly with an even higher quality service to customers.

    The demand and necessity for screen printed products remains and forms an integral part of our highly respected product range but we believe investment in advancing technology is of paramount importance if we are to remain at the forefront of label and overlay supply to our discerning customer base.

  • Colour Management

    Fine Cut offer a state-of-the-art colour management system, putting us within the top 5% of quality controlled print manufacturers in the world. We have the capabilities and experience to colour match the broadest range of customer colours, including Pantone & RAL as well as client specific spot colours.

    We offer colour matching services on our entire print range, including screen and hot foil printing - however for the most accurate & consistent match we suggest utilising our superior suite of digital print technology.

    Our advanced digital print colour management system takes into account all the aspects that affect the transitiion of colour from computer artwork to printed product, including origination of artwork, working colour space, type of print (surface or sub-surface etc) as well as colour, thickness and type of material.

    By maintaining strictly controlled artwork generation, calibrated digital print presses and a vast library of accurately profiled media, we are confident that we can offer the most sophisticated and accurate digital colour matching system on the market.

    To discuss your requirements or to request further information on our capabilities please get in touch.

  • Why Fine Cut

    Fine Cut provide the complete service - a service hard to match in quality and delivery. We have the capabilities and experience to manufacture any digitally printed label requirement.

    Key benefits:

    • Short & long runs
    • Adaptable approach
    • Huge product range
    • Quality control
    • Short lead times
    • Market experience
    • State of the art technology
    • Competitive pricing

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