Wine seller uses 'cheeky' Prince Harry pictures on its bottles

07th September 2012 - Fine Cut

A Cotswolds company has capitalised on Prince Harry's latest scandal, by putting a cheeky cartoon on its wine bottle labels, reports.

The 27-year-old prince recently made headlines around the world when he was caught on camera playing 'naked billiards' in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Shipston-based Sheldon's Wine Sellers has designed a new label for its 'Royal Blush' wine, taking inspiration from the frivolities: it features a tongue-in-cheek cartoon of the prince and a billiard cue.

Manager of the store, Peter Creek told that sales have risen by 200 per cent and that all of the company's customers 'seem to love it'.

He added: "We haven't done anything like this before but we thought this merited a bit of fun and was too good an opportunity to miss."

The store already had 'Royal Blush' in stock that it was planning to sell under the usual labelling, but staff decided to have a little fun when they heard the story.

Mr Creek said he was unsure whether Prince Harry knew about the tribute wine, saying: "We haven't had any calls from St. James' Palace as yet", but added he is sure the prince would "take it in good humour" if he were to find out.

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