What can consumers expect from Apple?

11th July 2013 - Fine Cut
What can consumers expect from Apple?

The launch of Apple's iPhone 5 in September 2012 was met with great anticipation from consumers, many of whom were lined up on the high street to see what the tech giant had to offer with its latest product.

While the smartphone certainly made a significant impact among users on an international level, the company is likely to aim higher with the release of the next instalment in the iPhone series.

As with many tech releases, the iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 releases has been shrouded in mystery, with speculation currently filling the pages of consumer websites regarding potential features and themes that will be included with the smartphone.

Operating system

Thanks to the recent launch of the iOS 7 operating system earlier this year, it is rumoured that the new iPhone will adopt use of this innovation. In addition, the natural-looking themes of previous models are set to be replaced with a darker font, striking colours and rounded icons.

In order to make their smartphone stand out from the crowd, consumers may want to consider having their gadget engraved with their details or a personal message from a loved one.

5S or 6?

Technology experts are still unsure if the next release will be given the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 moniker. The manufacturer has typically created a half-step S model before the next number in the collection, which means consumers may be waiting a little longer for the 6.

Some reports have indicated that a 5S could be on the market later this year, along with the next in line.

Launch date

Although no official date has been given for the release of the next Apple smartphone, industry insiders have suggested the device could be on shelves by the end of 2013. Regarding the iPhone 6, a later launch of early 2014 has been rumoured for some time.

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