Veuve Clicquot plans to use QR labelling

09th May 2014 - Fine Cut
Veuve Clicquot plans to use QR labelling

Luxury champagne brand Veuve Clicquot has announced its intentions to use QR labelling in order to provide consumers with more winemaking information on bottles, in part to save current labels from becoming over-cluttered.

Speaking at a tasting of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label aged in bottles and magnums conference last Tuesday (6th May), the brand said it hoped to provide details of its base blends, dosages and disgorgement dates for all its champagnes using the code, reports. 

Consumers will be able to scan the code using their smartphone and instantly have access to any of the information they might like to know about that particular bottle, without having to trawl through reams of details in smallprint on the label.

Cyril Brun, senior winemaker for Veuve Clicquot, outlined it was hoped the information would be implemented on bottles of the Cave Privée vintage release later in 2014 and then La Grande Dame and the rest of the brand's offering by 2015.

However, he went on to explain how it has become hindered in its mission due to a legal issue in France, where it is thought children would be able to use the QR indents to gain access inappropriately to information about the range of alcoholic produce.

"There is a good understanding of dosage and disgorgement dates, and a lot of people are now asking for information," explained Mr Brun at the gathering in London earlier this week. "It is the legal issue that is holding us back." 

This isn't the only industry looking to capitalise on the benefits of QR codes. One slightly more unique application for them that we have noticed at Fine Cut has been their use for adult playgrounds and outdoor gyms.

By affixing a QR code to the installations, individuals wanting to use these facilities can scan these with their smartphones to learn how they should be using that particular piece of equipment and to receive information about, for example, which muscles of the body it will work and how many reps people should be aiming to do.

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