UK electrical products to feature energy efficiency label

13th April 2011 - Fine Cut

Electrical products sold in the UK are set to feature a new label displaying their energy efficiency.

The labels, which will become mandatory on June 20, have been designed in order to help Brits lower their carbon footprint.

Each label will grade the product from A++ all the way down to G depending on its efficiency as well as displaying the amount of energy that the device uses in kWh.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said that UK residents are currently less likely to invest in energy-efficient appliances than other Europeans but that the new labels will do a lot to help Brits invest in environmentally-friendly products.

Speaking to 7thSpace, she said: "Consumers want to make the right decisions when buying new goods that use less energy and bring down household bills.

"These new energy saving ratings will help people make the right choice when out shopping for TVs and white goods by choosing those which are rated darkest green on the labels." reports that the labels will initially only be used on goods such as TVs, fridge freezers, washing machines and dishwashers but there are plans to also include them products like boilers and vacuum cleaners.

Energy efficiency ratings will also appear on advertisements as well as the new labels.


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