Supermarkets criticised for reaction to meat labelling

13th May 2014 - Fine Cut
Supermarkets criticised for reaction to meat labelling

The issue of meat labelling and how the animal in question was slaughtered has very much graced headlines as of late, after the Sun revealed all of the chicken sold by Pizza Express was halal - a fact of which consumers were seemingly unaware. 

Now, according to the Daily Mail, retailing authorities have hit back at the uproar, claiming there is no need to reconsider how meat is labelled for two reasons: firstly, because consumers don't actually care about how the animal is slaughtered and, secondly, because there isn't actually enough space on the labels to include all of this information.

British Retail Consortium (BRC) director Andrew Opie dismissed calls that new labelling was needed, claiming there was no evidence that it was what consumers want to see. 

"Labels are very tight in terms of the space and what we can put on them. This has to be driven by evidence to show that people want to see it alongside the things that are already on it like durability, country of origin and price," he added.

However, Conservative MP Philip Davies has spoken out for a need to change the labelling law, saying: "There is overwhelming public support for this change. People should be able to make an informed choice about what they are buying."

Whatever you may think of the meat labelling issue, Mr Opie has certainly raised an interesting point about the economy of space when it comes to labelling. There can be no doubt that with a limited area in which to include information, manufacturers of all sectors must be clever in their design of labels and absolutely clued up as to what details need to be featured on that particular label - whether dictated by regulation or consumer preferences.

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