Supermarket wine labels confuse the average drinker

24th November 2010 - Fine Cut

Millions of drinkers are confused by the printed labels on bottles of wine in their local supermarkets.

According to new research, consumers struggle to choose between labels and regions when searching for the most suitable bottle. Many respondents to the study said the way most supermarkets sell wine is too confusing to ordinary drinkers, making it unnecessarily difficult for non-experts to choose wine.

Most stores divide wines by countries or region in an effort to cater for those that know more than the casual drinker. Forty-five per cent of the 500 wine-buying consumers that participated in the survey claimed 'snobby' staff often left them feeling intimidated.

As reported by The Scotsman, Wine Option that conducted the survey said it was not a lack of or even a case of too much choice that was causing problems for wine buyers, but product layout and the lack of information on the labels is what leaves most customers baffled.

Rather than having the wine's country of origin on the label, the average shopper wants to know the strength of the wine, the amount of calories it contains and the way it will taste, without use of jargon. The wine group is now calling for clearer labelling, particularly for those customers that want to buy healthier or lighter wines.

A spokesman for the group said: "Almost half of the people we questioned felt supermarkets cater mainly for people who know their wine. Supermarkets dominate the retail wine trade but this survey shows they are missing an opportunity to inform, educate and enthuse the public about wine."

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