Spice firm introduces recipe booklet to its product labels

10th June 2010 - Fine Cut

Bart Spices, stockists of dried herbs and spices to Sainsbury's and Waitrose, have announced that it will use an innovative new format in its product labels to deliver new information to its customers.

Packaging News reports that the company will use the 'Fix a Form' booklet label from Denny Bros on its jars, with some products bearing the new format currently in stores. The booklet label format measures just 27mm in diameter but amounts to 12 pages of extra information that can be folded out from the 'packaging-free style' of product labels on compact spice jars.

Bart says that it will use the new leaflet space to carry information about their products origins from organic farming, their impact on wildlife and the environment, as well as a suggested recipe idea for the ingredient. The labels fold out from the top of the packet once the lid has been lifted.

"Fix a form is an outstanding informational and promotional tool," said a Bart spokesperson. "It has given us the space to give customers more information and recipe help that we hope will encourage brand loyalty and a better understanding of environmental issues."

The Fix-a-Form label is a multi-page format that has been used in the past to promote Sure for Men during the Ashes cricket series.

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