Smirnoff reveals new packaging

08th July 2010 - Fine Cut

Smirnoff Vodka's new packaging look has been unveiled by consumer goods company, Diageo.

The new bottle and product labels will reinforce the brand's heritage and highlight the fact that the premium vodka is distilled in smaller batches.

In addition to highlighting Smirnoff's traditional distillation method, the newly designed bottle will feature the new elegant brand icon, a 'regal eagle.' The icon will appear on both the bottles and secondary packaging, replacing the 'Spike' graphic previously used.

The new emblem will be used by the brand in all communications, reflecting the brand's stature and authenticity in producing triple distilled, classically pure vodka.

The new design bottle will now include the signature of Smirnoff and historical producer Ste. Pierre Smirnoff, alongside the traditional copy which acknowledges the history of the brand.

The new packaging, will be used on both the Smirnoff and Smirnoff No.21 bottles and the new labels will feature more refined typography, as well as detailed glass embossing, which has been used to reflect the vodka's quality.

Amy Mooney, Senior Brand Manager for Smirnoff at Diageo, told Packaging News: "With this redesign, we are looking to encapsulate the premium, heritage and purity cues that consumers associate with the Smirnoff brand, as well as providing a contemporary edge to keep the bottle looking fresh for maximum standout on shelf.

"Although the packaging has changed, the liquid within remains the same premium offering that is recognised as the world's number one vodka and won Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competitions in 2009."

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