Sainsbury's chief backs calls for universal food labelling

11th October 2012 - Fine Cut

Sainsbury's chief executive Justin King is calling on the food industry to move to a universal front of pack nutritional labelling system, reports

The labels would utilise traffic-light systems and provide advice on guideline daily amounts (GDAs).

Speaking at the IGD Convention in London, King is asking retailers and manufacturers to make the move in order to help consumers 'make more informed choices' about the food they are purchasing.

He also highlighted how Sainsbury's has always been championing 'simple, clear' labels when it comes to food - the first of which was used seven years ago.

King said, cited by "Over 9,000 Sainsbury's lines now carry our unique and much loved 'Wheel of Health' multiple traffic light labelling. Years of research show customers prefer a combination of red, amber, green traffic light colour-coding, combined with GDAs.

"Now we are calling for the industry to put aside their differences and work together and align behind a common format. We're also calling for an end to the use of any other colours which confuse customers. There can be no justification in customer terms for continued use of any colours except multiple traffic lights," he added.

However, Sainsbury's confirmed that the final look of the tabular format is still to be agreed.

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