Real fur and leather will be labelled

12th May 2011 - Fine Cut

Clothing sold within the EU that contains real leather or fur must now state as such on its printed label, BBC News reported.

That was the recent decision of the European Union, which agreed that imposing the legislation would provide people with detailed, precise information regarding the "composition of textiles" within their clothing.

In order to relay that an item contains genuine fur or leather, the label will read: "Contains non-textile parts of animal origin."

However it will take some two-and-a-half years for all clothing items to say this, reports have confirmed.

The news was welcomed by animal protection groups, including Humane Society International; which said: "Many consumers can't tell the difference between fake and real animal fur."

It went on to add that the move could support the "ethical objections" of shoppers by allowing them to make "informed decisions" whilst out on shopping trips.

This thought was echoed by one member of the EU, Swedish MEP, Eva-Britt Svensson. She told "We're always saying that consumer power is important, but if we're serious about this, we have to live it up and give consumers a chance to use their power."

"We have to ensure that they have enough product information so that they can make a conscious, informed choice."

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