Poor cheese labelling draws ire from Farmers For Action

12th March 2013 - Fine Cut

'Honest' country of origin labelling is needed according to Farmers For Action (FFA), who believes there is a lack of clarity on cheese labelling.

Reported by farmersguardian.com, FFA chairman David Handley believes major UK retailers need to regain consumer trust in the wake of the horse meat scandal.

The FFA would even go as far to stage protests outside stores in order to draw attention to the lack of clarity on cheese labelling, as the consumer tends to have no knowledge of its origin.

The FFA chairman, who is also a dairy farmer from Monmouthshire according to farmersforaction.org, believes a number of retailers are 'guilty' of failing to identify imported cheese, with Tesco and Asda importing the highest volumes.

He remains furious that cheese being sold is not matching the "standards required by British dairy farmers" but it being used as a tool to drive down British milk prices.

Mr Handley commented on the need for adequate labelling: "This has to change and if retailers mean what they say, following the recent horse meat scandal, they should address this with utmost urgency.

"I am calling on all CEOs of the retail industry to clearly show country of origin on all purchased cheese. If FFA do not see a change in this procedure by the end of March, we may well have to visit retailers to convince them otherwise," he added.

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