Pharmaceutical packaging market to hit £3.77bn

21st February 2014 - Fine Cut
Pharmaceutical packaging market to hit £3.77bn

In positive news for the pharmaceutical packaging industry, figures are suggesting it will be worth £3.77 billion by 2018.

This is following an estimated value of around £2.74 billion for 2013, according to statistics published by research firm MarketsandMarkets, representing an increase of around 38 per cent. reports the upward trend is largely as a result of various developments that have taken place within the industry, particulary in relation to drug delivery technologies. Moving forward, however, drugs going off-patent is also expected to play a significant role in market behaviour. 

As competition continues to define success across many different operations in a wealth of fields, similarly a shift in emphasis from conventional to more flexible, automated and integrated solutions is expected to bolster the pharmaceutical packaging market even further.

Another important factor has been a rise in the number of sites approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in low-cost locations.

Two regions in particular that have supported such positive results for the sector are North America, currently holding around 32 per cent of the global market share, and the second largest stakeholder, Asia-Pacific.

The news comes after recently reported how head of design for Kraft Foods Peter Borowski told a panel at the Packaging Conference how he believed food packaging needed to "stop consumers in their tracks".

Here at Fine Cut, we understand the importance of what a product or item looks like at a quick glance and how appropriate marking and labelling solutions fit within this niche. 

Does the exterior of the item provide all of the information required? Is it fit for its purpose? What are the contents of the package? These are all potential questions that may need to be answered in just a few short seconds by the consumer, whoever that may be.

If you are having any issues addressing these queries for labelling or marking your own packaging or products, our team of experts will be able to help you.

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