Packaging 'needs to stop consumers in their tracks'

13th February 2014 - Fine Cut
Packaging 'needs to stop consumers in their tracks'

When pursuing shops, consumers tend to make decisions about what they are going to purchase in a very short space of time - something that has been highlighted by one individual in particular at the recent Packaging Conference.

The event - which took place from February 3rd to 5th, in Orlando, Florida - saw Peter Borowski, head of design for Kraft Foods, lead a panel discussion that looked at incorporating 2D and 3D printing into the design process behind packaging and the product itself.

According to the expert: "A full 72 per cent of purchasing decisions are made right in the store. Advertising increases awareness, but it doesn't make consumers buy. 

"The drive to purchase happens in the store, which is why packaging is so important."

He went on to highlight how seemingly small elements like colour, shape and structure can make an enormous difference, reports. "You have to stop consumers in their tracks."

While a label may only be part of a finished package, due to the fact that more often than not it will contain most - if not all - of the vital information a customer may need, it is crucial that is not only informative, but also compelling enough that the consumer does not put the product down.

The information must also be extremely clear, as the evidence suggests consumers will not take long to consider - and perhaps disregard - the product, should it not provide what they need. It is vital they garner from it what they seek in the short space of time it takes for them to reach a decision. 

If the information isn't obvious or the package not appealing enough within those precious moments, that could signal game over for the retailer or manufacturer behind the item.

Panellist Ian Carnduff also highlighted the importance of teams behind the overall appearance of a product working together, right from branding experts, through to packaging engineers themselves.

"You want customers to see the package at the first moment of truth and realise that it's something they should have in their home," added associate client director for Landor, David Bell.

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