Packaging become useful item in marketers' toolbox

15th August 2012 - Fine Cut

Marketers and designers could be making packaging their number one priority in the future, cites

By refreshing the labels and overall design of product packaging, marketers could enhance their products reputation; in addition to improving the in-store experience for customers, reports

However, to enhance the impact of such refreshes, retailers should encourage category leaders to 'work together in a bid to create a bigger impact in-store'.

According to merchandising specialist Karl McKeever, packaging serves to protect food but its purpose in modern times is much more useful, as it can be a useful way to 'get a new look' in stores quickly, as well as keep consumers attracted and motivated in store.

Kevin Byse, director at the Institute of Packaging Professionals UK, commented on the need for greater visual stimulus on products.

He said: "With technology moving so fast and consumers buying online, the question must be: 'Will physical stores merely become showrooms?' This will leave the retailer at a bit of a crossroads with nothing else to communicate their brand and its values other than packaging. Packaging will suddenly become the game changer.

"Our most successful brands will be those where all those involved in packaging, whether they be marketers, designers or packaging specialists work together," he added.

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