NFU calls for labelling policy overhaul

18th January 2013 - Fine Cut

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has fired a warning shot to UK retailers regarding their sourcing and labelling policies, reports

The advice, issued following revelations of tests which discovered horse DNA in burgers, says retailers need to help retain the integrity of stringent UK-farmed products, which is currently being compromised by cheaper imported alternatives.

Farmers are also concerned that 'high standards and traceability' that have to be met through farm assurance are being ignored by the supply chain.

NFU President Peter Kendall stated: "What is particularly concerning is that this revelation comes at a time when farmers are under enormous pressure and consumer confidence is low. Retailers will know they must take immediate action to address both the integrity of their suppliers and at the same time ensure that UK products are easily distinguishable and clearly labelled."

Kendall also admitted the powers that be need to find lasting solutions by 'putting an end to co-mingled products' as well as ensure there are clearer labels on all ingredients in products.

"All retailers need to engage better with Red Tractor assurance, increasing the use of the logo on pack, and focusing on the longer term sustainability of their UK supply chains. These changes would benefit retailers, farmers and most importantly, the consumer," he added, cited by

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