New printer can produce labels faster than ever

15th December 2011 - Fine Cut

The release of a new printer is set to transform the way printed labels are created.

Primera Technology's new CX1000 colour label printer will reportedly make the process of printing labels faster than ever before.

The printer reportedly works at a 2400 dpi print resolution and a print speed of five metres per minute. It can print onto a multitude of materials, including plain paper, white and clear polyesters.

What's more, the labels produced will be completely resistant to water, scratches, smudges and tears - as well as UV rays.  

Speaking to, Primera Technology vice president of sales and marketing, Mark D. Strobel, claimed that the printer would be a beneficial investment for any manufacturer.

He said: "Primera's new CX1000e is a best-in-class solution for manufacturers and distributors who want to produce higher quantities of their own high-quality labels in-house.

"Producing your own labels on CX1000e not only saves time and is far more convenient, but it almost always save you money, too." report that the printer could prove particularly handy to those producing labels for cosmetic, chemical, household or food labels.

The printer is priced at $10,995 (just over £7,000) and comes with free label design software included as standard.

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