New pharmaceutical label unveiled

13th October 2011 - Fine Cut

A new label has been designed in a bid to counteract the illegal trade in used glass containers, reports.

Once glass bottles used for holding tablets are empty, they are often disposed of as waste. Selling them on to be re-filled and marketed as new is illegal but can be very lucrative, making for an enticing operation for some.

Whilst other product labels have included holograms - and colour shifting effects have prevented others from copying or replicating the labels - there has been no way of preventing others from re-using the same bottles.

Now, however, a new design has been created by Schreiner in a bid to prohibit the re-selling of these glass containers, making it clear to anyone who comes in contact with them that they have already been used.

The Pharma-Comb Void label includes two parts; one of which is destroyed when the first user opens the bottle. Once this has been done, the label contains two messages in its indicator field - "open" and "used". This, it is thought, will prevent people from selling on the vials, as their customers would know that the contents are not as advertised.

Speaking to, a Schreiner spokesperson explained: "The Pharma-Comb Void label provides healthcare professionals with a reliable tool to identify authentic products. The label helps increase pharmaceutical product safety, and systematically protects patients from receiving harmful counterfeit drugs."

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