New logo introduced to pre-packaged organic food product labels in the EU

01st July 2010 - Fine Cut

Product labels for pre-packaged organic food made in the European Union will be required to carry a new logo following the implementation of new rules for food labels, reports Packaging News.

All pre-packaged organic food products from any of the EU's 27 member states will be required to carry the 'Euro Leaf' logo from today onwards. Inclusion of the symbol will remain optional on non-packaged and imported organic products.

As well as the mandatory inclusion of the logo, labels will also be required to include an indication of the places where the product's component ingredients were farmed as well as the code number of the organisation in charge of the organic food controls. In addition to products made from organic vegetables, plants and organically reared animals, the new rules also cover the organic aquaculture production of fish, shellfish and seaweed.

The regulations specify that to qualify as an organic product, biodiversity must be be respected and organic feeds should be supplemented with fish feeds from sustainable fisheries.

The new logo was chosen through a competition aimed at art students in the EU. This was won by German student Dusan Milenkovic, whose 'Euro-Leaf' adapts the stars of the EU flag into a leaf shape and places it upon a green background.

"Our hope is that the new EU logo can develop into a widely recognised symbol of organic food production across the EU," said Dacian Ciolos, EU commissioner for agriculture and rural development.

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