New labelling scheme for used cars

21st April 2011 - Fine Cut

A new scheme to mark second-hand cars with fuel efficiency labels has been praised across the motoring industry.

The initiative was developed by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership with the aim of giving motorists more insight into the running cost of their new vehicles.

Parkers reveal the labels will display the vehicles fuel consumptions, CO2 emissions and road tax band in a similar way to those currently used on new cars.

It is thought that the initiative is extremely timely because rising petrol prices have led to used car buyers being a lot more careful about judging the running costs of their vehicle.

Speaking to Marketing Week, a source from the Government said that used car buyers weren't currently getting the whole picture whilst  choosing a new vehicle.

The new labelling scheme has been backed by car dealerships and many motoring societies as well as Government officials.

The scheme is part of long-term Government plans to improve the information received by consumers on a whole range of products.

The government had already facilitated the inception of research unit to investigate new ways to provide consumers information regarding impact on the environment.

The unit aims to publish a paper with recommendations on this subject to retailers and manufacturers by the end of the year.

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