New Bud Light labels to include metal activation technology

19th August 2011 - Fine Cut

Budweiser have introduced an interactive new printed label for their Bud Light bottles.

The new pressure-sensitive labels allow Bud drinkers to mark their bottle with a metal surface such as coin or a key to create a customisable drinking experience.

Sources from brewer's marketing team explain they created the 'My Bud Light' bottles to give customers a fun new way to express their individuality.

Beer lovers in large groups will now be able to easily mark their drinks to avoid any confusion as to which bottle belongs to whom as well as communicate with each other more easily in a crowded bar or nightclub.

Flirty Bud Light drinkers may even pluck up the courage to etch their phone numbers onto bottles before sending them on to a member of the opposite sex. Speaking to, Bud Light senior director Mike Sundet claimed that the new labels captured the care-free fun-loving attitude of the beverage's target market perfectly.

He said: "Bud Light drinkers are always looking for fun, quirky ways to express themselves, and the My Bud Light bottle offers them a canvas to do just that." report that the label's producers struggled to ensure there were no problems with abrasion or accidental activation on the labels.

The team based in Tennessee managed to get around this with extensive testing of their innovative metal activation technology before any production took place.

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