New book for packaging and labelling law

13th July 2011 - Fine Cut

A new book on packaging and labelling claims to be the most up-to-date, accurate resource for managers in the packaging industry.

Charles James, who is the author of the 'Guide to Packaging and Labelling Law 2011', says that his book will allow printed label manufacturers to "deal with the specific problems of packagers and labellers."

James, a solicitor and law lecturer, was inspired to create the book after discovering the last publication of its kind was written in 1996. This book, by Patricia Bailey, failed to give any recognition to labelling or food packaging.

Conversely, his covers topics such as pallets, crates and glass, intellectual property, child labour and labelling, Packaging News reports.

James told the site: "One very real problem for the industry is that the Food Labelling Regulations 1996 have been amended over 30 times, and there is no consolidated up-to-date version readily available. It is the C Annexes of my guide.

"The guide started as a book for students who were going to join a ground breaking Foundation Degree in Packaging being put together by a colleague at Bradford College."

James said that he recognised their was a gap in the market for his book, envisioning that packaging managers would see his guide as an essential tool, like a "pocket calculator".

"It was only as I was writing the guide that I realised I had to cover labelling, and then food packaging and labelling became an important part of the book," he explained.

The author, who was additionally cited by Mailway Packaging, hopes that the book should allow managers to "sleep better at night" safe in the knowledge that they are doing everything "legally right."

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