Need for food traceability set to be a boost for label industry

14th December 2012 - Fine Cut

More demand for food traceability is set to provide a boost for the labels industry, reports

Outbreaks of food-related illnesses and significant food product recalls will see the demand for food safety products rise by 8.4 per cent, according to industry research organisation the Freedonia Group.

The organisation published the information in a report entitled 'World Food Safety Products.'

Pauline Tung, an industry analyst at the group told "Demand for food-safety products will be boosted by increasing food trade... which requires the region's food producers to meet rising international food-safety standards."

Growth in food safety products is expected to be most prominent in food and beverage production, according to the report, as well as the dairy industry.

The countries which would see the biggest demand for more food safety regulation in the coming year, according to the report, were India, Brazil, Russia and Mexico. The US will remain the most prominent area for food safety however.

The research also found that developing countries will be adopting more food safety recommendation on its packaging.

Technology developments will also affect the industry, according to the results, with the innovations such as smart labels, tags, and software and tracking systems proving significant in the coming year.

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