Marillion's Fish opens Galashiels square

18th July 2012 - Fine Cut

A revamped town square in Galashiels which incorporates the lyrics of Marillion's biggest hit, 'Kayleigh' on its flagstones has been officially opened by the band front man, Fish.

The new Market Square was inaugurated by the the singer, who has said in the past that inspiration for the 1985 hit single was partly derived in Galashiels. The Scottish Borders Council therefore thought it touchingly appropriate to engrave lines into the stone, rather than erect laser-engraving wall plaques.

Consequently, visitors can read well-known lines such as opener: 'Do you remember...?' as they walk along the pavement.

Fish's girlfriend attended the Galashiels College of Textiles in the early 1980s and he visited her at the halls of residence. He told that "the line 'dancing in stilettos in the snow' was about coming back from a college ball". It is also the town where Fish, real name Derek Dick, performed his first gig.

The Market Square renovation was part of a wider £12 million traffic relief project, which aimed to ease congestion by diverting vehicles away from the town centre and transform Galashiels into a more 'pedestrian and visitor friendly' place. 

After opening the square, Fish told that he was "very humbled and touched" to have his words immortalised in such a way.

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