Make your label reflect your product

25th February 2014 - Fine Cut
Make your label reflect your product

Here at Fine Cut, we understand that the design of a label is about more than just displaying information. The exterior of a product can in fact say a great deal about the contents.

Whether that's through the ingenious use of colours, shapes, typefaces or layout - or even the material from which the label is manufactured - it's the finer details such as these that can really make or break a label's efficacy.

Character through design

Recently, we saw design agency JKR demonstrate this point through its design for the casing of a makeup brand's new range. 

Creative professionals spent two years coming up with the graphics and structural designer for the launch of Eve Lom's new complexion range, with creative director Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian explaining: "From a design perspective, the ambition was to build on the foundations of the brand's existing proposition. 

"Bespoke structures, simple elegance and fine detailing allowed us to develop something which would live in harmony with the existing Eve Lom aesthetic."

Using plain graphics and soft hues has meant the products exude "the idea of purity" before you even know anything about what they are or what they do, which is exactly what you want to try to achieve when designing the exterior of your product - be that the casing, packaging or labelling.

Colour coding

Continuing with an example from a similar sector, Ecollagen - a skincare brand that supports using plant cell technology to create solutions that boost skin's collagen production - demonstrates how effective use of a colour can say something about the product within. 

Design agency ButterflyCannon has used a vibrant and dynamic green - the sort of colour that would be associated with fresh, young shoots - to make the connection between the products and natural science.

JDO Brand Design & Innovation also harnessed the power of colours in its rebranding of Norwegian bottled water brand Farris. Colour-coded caps across the range, combined with an exciting new metallic label and other features, were used to "revitalise" the overall look. 

Highlighting the importance of graphics, Jon Davies - creative director at ButterflyCannon - explained: "We feel through our design work - both structural and graphical - we have captured a true balance of science and nature, reflecting the efficacy and purity of these great products."

Technical details

Once you have a great design in place, it is important not to disregard the finer, technical details, such as what material you are going to print your label onto or what finish you would like it to have (gloss, matte...).

Here at Fine Cut, when it comes to the technical side of designing and manufacturing labels and marking solutions, we have all of the expertise you require, with over 30 years experience in the sector.

Furthermore, our commitment to investment in the latest technology means you can rest assured that the service and end-product you receive from us will be of the highest quality and exemplary of what you should expect, in terms of innovation, efficiency and dependability.

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