Lynx demonstrates importance of strong brand

06th February 2014 - Fine Cut
Lynx demonstrates importance of strong brand

Lynx, the men's grooming range behind cheeky ad campaigns, is demonstrating the importance of strong branding by updating its look.

Known globally as Axe, Lynx has allowed global brand design consultancy Elmwood to launch the exciting new identity, which - it is hoped - will help the products to expand into growing markets, like the US and Latin America.

The range is extremely well-known for its entertaining - and sometimes even controversial - television campaigns. However, this new effort highlights the importance of paying an appropriate amount of attention to how a product looks on the shelf.

With the brand having been launched in 1983 and now one of the few in the sector boasting products exclusively for men, Lynx's new campaign has taken three years to put together. Creatives were required to come up with a concept that would be applicable not only across 30 different scents, but also a range of products, from deodorants and shower gels, to hair gels and shampoo.

One notable change was to switch the colour of antiperspirant packs from a more traditional silver, to white - a colour more commonly associated with female deodorant products - in a bid to make them stand out from similar products and distinguish them from the iconic black of the body sprays.

It is hoped the new look will help Lynx to become the top male grooming brand in the world. Currently, it has eight million loyal followers in the UK alone. 

"Working closely with the Axe guys in creating a new identity for such a successful and powerful brand has been an incredible and exciting journey for Elmwood," commented Greg Taylor, global provocation director of brand at Elmwood. "We are thrilled with the outcome and the ground-breaking design aesthetics that unifies the Lynx brand as edgy and masculine on its global stage."

The new look will be appearing on shop shelves across the nation from this month.

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