Health and safety warning for automotive firms

16th October 2013 - Fine Cut
Health and safety warning for automotive firms

Companies operating in a fast-paced and hectic environment will be all-too familiar with the dangers that a poorly-structured health and safety strategy can pose for both members of staff and the public alike.

Taking measures to alleviate these risks is imperative for businesses, which can put themselves under threat of paying out fines or closure if they do not comply with regulations.

The manufacturing sector in particular has a responsibility to ensure members of staff are working in safe conditions at all times, as failure to do so could result in serious incidents occurring.

At Fine Cut, we understand the need to promote a safe working environment for employees, who can put themselves in grave danger if they fail to adhere to strict guidelines on a daily basis.

Our high quality labels provide cutting edge solutions for use in a variety of situations, including motor labels, serial numbering, odette labels, fuse box labels, barcode tracking, batteries and lighting controls.

Ensuring that products and machinery are clearly labelled with the most durable materials possible will help your company to avoid accidents in the long term.

Those businesses that do not adhere to health and safety guidelines could face prosecution for their lack of care. Warwickshire-based car manufacturing firm Grupo Antolin Leamington was recently ordered to pay £12,000 plus £9,900 in legal costs for putting a member of staff in danger.

An investigation carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed the company had failed to identify failings that resulted in a member of staff sustaining serious burns.

The worker, who has not been named, discovered he had damaged the skin on his abdomen after his body came into contact with harmful substance caustic soda.

HSE inspector Mark Austin said: "Grupo Antolin Leamington Limited has since installed barriers on the machine to prevent staff leaning over and coming into contact with the chemical and now also provides operators on that spray line with chemical resistant aprons."

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