Grossman gaffe over misleading labelling

14th April 2014 - Fine Cut
Grossman gaffe over misleading labelling

TV chef Loyd Grossman has found himself in bother recently, after one of his sauces was labelled as suitable for vegetarians, when the offending item was found to contain parmesan, which is quite the opposite.

This is because it is made using rennet, which contains an enzyme from the stomach lining of calves, thereby rendering the sauce wholly unsuitable for those who swear off animal products as part of their diet.

Unfortunately for the culinary star, his Creamy Mushroom and Thyme sauce has been on sale labelled as such since 2011, the Daily Mail reports, so many vegetarians could have consumed the product by now, under the impression the sauce was suitable.

As would be expected, the UK's largest food producer Premier Foods - the enterprise behind the error - has released a statement accepting responsibility, describing it as "an unfortunate error during our artwork origination process". 

It also confirmed that new labels, which will not contain the erroneous message, are currently in the process of being designed. Therefore, fans of the sauce will likely have to wait a short while before the new packs will be appearing on shop shelves, available for purchase once again.

The blunder was picked up by the food website Can I Eat It?, whose veggie expert Tom Hay described the error as "basis stuff".

"Clearly somebody hasn't done their homework. Proper parmesan is a no-no for vegetarians," he said.

According to Mr Hay, labelling something as 'suitable for vegetarians' when it isn't is about more than just making a silly mistake, calling it "an abuse of consumer trust".

Here at Fine Cut, we understand how important it is to ensure that the right information - that is factually accurate! - is clearly displayed for consumers to see, as buyers may make decisions very quickly about whether or not to invest in a product or service at just a glance.

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