Girl Guides launch campaign for custom labels to warn of airbrushed images

04th August 2010 - Fine Cut

The Girl Guides are the latest group to publicly call for some pictures of models to carry custom labels if they have been airbrushed.

As reported by The Press Association, Britain's biggest girls' group said that airbrushed images should be labelled in a bid to tackle "damaging and unrealistic pressures" on young women.

They have launched a campaign calling on the government to introduce compulsory labelling to any pictures in magazines that have been airbrushed.

"We know how profoundly they [teenage girls] feel the pressure to conform to a particular body image and how badly they can be affected by these unobtainable ideals," said Liz Burnley from Girlguiding UK. "We are proud to support the calls of our members who believe that it is time that the Prime Minister addressed their concerns and acted in the interests of girls and young women across the country."

According to The Daily Mail, more than 200,000 young women are expected to sign an online petition to demand compulsory custom labels be used so consumers can recognise natural and altered images. The petition will be available on the Girlguiding UK website for three months before being sent to the Prime Minister.

The campaign was launched the same time that research revealed that girls as young as ten are worried about their weight and half of teenagers would consider cosmetic surgery.

"Young people with eating disorders tell us that being surrounded every day by pictures of unnaturally 'perfect' bodies makes their own recovery so much more difficult to achieve," explained Susan Ringwood from eating disorder charity Beat. "We know the difference it would make to all young people's self esteem and body confidence if they could be sure which of the images they see are natural and true to life."

Earlier this year government adviser Dr Linda Papadopoulos said that magazine spreads featuring airbrushed actresses and models should come with warning symbols.

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