Food labels should reflect "nation's right to eat sausages"

07th April 2011 - Fine Cut

MPs are calling for the origin of ingredients in foodstuffs to be more clearly indicated on product labels, reports This Is Bristol.

Speaking to ministers in the House of Commons, Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg demanded that changes to food labelling laws must be made, citing British sausages as an example.

He claimed it was "the nation's right" to eat sausages made from ingredients, including meat, from "God's own county".

The minister was referring to the fact that many products are labelled 'made in England' or 'produced in Britain' but component parts may not be.

"We really need to know that information, so that we can get the food that we want, like and love," Rees-Mogg asserted.

His view was shared by South Norfolk MP, Richard Bacon, who is leading a campaign to change the law on food labelling to make it easier to discern where food comes from.

Bacon's Food Regulations (Amendment) Bill would make it a legal requirement for all vendors to disclose where the meat in their produce came from.

According to, Bacon said to the House of Commons that "the current rules did not do their job adequately and consumers continue to be mislead."

Richard Benyon, Environment minister, confirmed that the government was working towards changing food labelling laws.


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