FDA defends milk label decision

17th April 2013 - Fine Cut

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has defended changes it recently made to the regulation of milk labels.

The organisation has recently changed rules to the labels which now mean milk products which contain artificial sweeteners don't have to label themselves as "low calorie" or "reduced calorie". 

It claims that this change has been made as these "low calorie" labels could discourage children from trying healthier milk products and has now said that artificial sweeteners should be listed on the ingredients list.

However some consumers say the new rules could mean products are now misleading, with the FDA receiving around 30,000 comments on the new rules since they were unveiled earlier on this year, according to foodproductdesign.com. Some of these comments claim that the new measures show the government is trying to hide nutritional information from customers.

Defending the decision, the organisation said in a statement, according to thehill.com: "People commenting in response the Federal Register notice appear to be under the impression that the non-nutritive sweeteners will not be listed anywhere on the product - which is not the case. They would still be named in the ingredients list on the package.

Campaigners are still arguing that artificial "hyper-sweeteners" should be clearly labelled however, as it is claimed that they lead to childhood obesity.

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