Fast food customers want to see calorie content

05th September 2011 - Fine Cut

The majority of consumers want fast food chains to display the calorie content of their menus, according to a new poll.

According to The Daily Mail, a survey by Which? found that two thirds of respondents would like to be able to see the amount of calories each meal contains before they place their order.

Although a number of firms have already taken this step to please calorie-counting customers, there remains a number of chains who have refused to show warning labels on high calorie content.

It is thought that by complying with these requests, fast food firms can help customers make healthier meal choices and aid Britain's growing obesity crisis.

Speaking to, Which? executive director Richard Lloyd made a public plea for all fast food chains to give their customers access to calorific information.

He said: "Which? wants to see all major national food chains signing up to provide calorie information. There's no excuse for the companies already displaying calories in the U.S not to do the same here.

"If calorie labelling cannot be achieved on a voluntary basis, we want the government to make it a legal requirement."

In the U.S, it has become a legal requirement for any restaurant franchises with more than 20 restaurants nationwide to display calorie information next to product descriptions.

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