European Parliament gives green light to food packaging re-think

17th June 2011 - Fine Cut

The European Parliament has agreed on new rules for food packaging labels after "difficult negotiations".

The new draft legislation comes after months of intense argument and scrutiny, but an agreement has now been reached that all food labels must now, under law, contain mandatory nutritional information.

Such information it is now compulsory to display is the food's name, a list of ingredients and a 'best before' or 'use by' date.

The decision was reached after many hours of deliberation and negotiation reaching into the evening. However, the proposition was eventually given the green light and is now ready to be put in front of political groups and counsellors.

"This is a real breakthrough," European Parliament rapporteur Renate Sommer told

"After 10 weeks of intensive negotiations, we have managed to come to an agreement. As always, the devil is in the details. However, if the outlined agreements can be endorsed by member states and the political groups in parliament, we will have a fair solution for all stakeholders."

Adding, Sommer told "The consumer will get legible and understandable information on food products, while businesses will not be overburdened.

"Our citizens will have access to more and better information than before: they will be able to identify imitation foods and note the presence of allergens at first glance."

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