EU tyre labels legislation comes into force

01st November 2012 - Fine Cut

Consumers will be able to choose better performing tyres from today (1 November) following a new labelling directive from Europe, reports.

New easy-to-read product labels, which will be placed on every tyre, are expected to make driving greener, cheaper, quieter and safer - especially on wet surfaces. They comprise three ratings: fuel efficiency, wet performance and noise pollution.

The labels clearly indicate the tyre's quality on a sliding A-G scale, like that which features on most electrical goods; noise levels are expressed in decibels. The better rated the tyre, the better quality it is - with potential for making not unsubstantial savings via more efficient use of fuel.

The move has been welcomed by many industry experts, in particular by Christoph Kalla of chemicals company Lanxess's rubber division.

Highlighting the importance of good tyres when breaking, Mr Kalla said to "It's amazing how much people are prepared to pay for airbags yet they don't want to spend money on tyres that can shave off up to 18 metres on their braking distance."

The labels will allow consumers to make more informed decisions and while they may pay more initially for 'A' grade tyres, the Energy Savings Trust estimates that the drivers of Britain's 3.9 million fleet vehicles could save approximately £50 million by opting for the best performing models.

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