EU labelling initiative heading to UK

14th November 2012 - Fine Cut

A number of food labelling changes will allow shoppers to make more informed decisions at supermarket tills, according to

Clearer and 'more honest' food labelling with regards to allergen advice, the original of meat and the presence of palm oil have been handed down to manufacturers across the whole of the EU and now the UK.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has confirmed the UK will move forward with the changes to printed labels in order to provide clear, consistent and informative data to customers.

Costs will be kept to a minimum as businesses will be allowed to absorb the legislative requirements into their planned re-labelling cycle, rather than having to immediately re-label all products.

Food and Farming Minister David Heath commented on the proposals to "The Government is tightening up rules to make it easier for shoppers to make more informed decisions for themselves and their families at the tills.

"We fought long and hard in Europe for more honest labelling so that people can make up their own minds about what they eat. We are making it easier for consumers to know what's in the food and drink that they buy, while at the same time cutting red tape for businesses," he added.

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