Consumers 'more familiar with tyre labelling'

03rd December 2013 - Fine Cut
Consumers 'more familiar with tyre labelling'

Motorists living in the European Union (EU) are becoming increasingly familiar with tyre labelling, but are more influenced by other factors when purchasing new wheels for their vehicles.

This is according to new research from purchasing guide and tyre comparison website Rezulteo and the Ipsos Institute, which was reported by the Daily Telegraph and found that consumers are more likely to pay attention to details such as cost and expert recommendations when selecting new tyres.

Researchers - who questioned 3,402 people in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK - found one-third of European motorists are aware of new labelling methods, but only eight per cent of respondents were able to quote three labelling criteria. These were rolling resistance, external rolling noise and wet grip.

When asked which factors influenced their choice, participants said advice from retailers (19 per cent), brand loyalty (17 per cent) and price (17 per cent) were more important than tyre performance.

Geographical differences in opinion were also noted by researchers, with only 11 per cent of consumers paying significant attention to the label. Interestingly, the survey found that this figure is not due to a lack of clarity with the labelling itself, as three quarters of respondents said they found the method easy to understand.

Before the legislation came into effect across the EU, analysts found that barely 20 per cent of respondents had heard about labelling. However, it noted that some 80 per cent were in favour of such a move after it was explained to them.

A spokesman for Rezulteo said: "Clearly, one year after the introduction of European tyre labelling, the work to inform and educate consumers must continue.

"Not only to improve the safety and environmental impact of vehicles by taking more account of tyre performances, but also help drivers make better purchases as the tyre market continues to expand."

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