Concise medical labels make first aid easier

04th September 2013 - Fine Cut
Concise medical labels make first aid easier

Companies across a wide range of industries that have a first aid strategy in place - including the use of qualified employees and a well-stocked kit - need to recognise how clear medical labels could make their operations much safer.

Ensuring your firm has a well-signposted area that can be used for the carrying out of first aid procedures, while making sure the contents of kits are accurately labelled is vital for maintaining a high standard of health and safety.

With Fine Cut, a variety of medical labels are available for companies operating within and outside of the medical profession, ensuring that the wellbeing of members of staff and patients alike are at the forefront of your minds.

Our labels can be used for equipment identification - including cardiac equipment - safety labelling, collection tubes and glassware, as well as the market of assets, as well as a range of additional purposes that help to make workplaces as safe as possible.

Medical labels from Fine Cut are manufactured using high quality materials, with a variety of permanent and high tack adhesive combinations to ensure a long-lasting performance.

In addition, our products are produced from a variety of materials, including paper, polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene.

First aid is likely to be on the minds of companies across a range of sectors at the moment, as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is preparing to roll out several changes to the regulations.

From October 1st, the requirement for the HSE to approve first aid training and qualifications will be removed, as part of wider plans to make it easier for businesses to understand how to comply with legislation, while maintaining high standards.

Andy McGrory, HSE's policy lead for first aid, said: "We have taken onboard comments and suggestions that we have received through our public consultations on the changes and from extended stakeholder discussions and business input to ensure the guidance provides everything an employer will need to manage their first aid requirements."

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