Complex food labels contributing to child obesity

06th July 2011 - Fine Cut

Glycemic ratings on food labels need to be made clearer in order to help reduce child obesity, a dietary expert has claimed.

Tam Fry, who is chair of the National Obesity Forum, claimed that food labels were currently not clear enough for parents to make informed decisions regarding their children's diet. 

He pointed out that information about the glycemic rating of food was particularly difficult to interpret and that this was a factor in the increasing amount of obese children.

In an interview with, he explained that families were struggling to give children a low glycemic diet.

He said: "High glycemic consists of potatoes, chips and things like that, which are fried in the wrong way, in the wrong kinds of fats, they are the ones that do the real damage.

"It is very, very difficult sometimes to read the label of what is in the food, and that makes it extremely difficult for families to bring their children up eating a proper diet."

A source from added that poorly designed food labels might be hampering all the good advice being given by dieticians and occupational therapists.

The article argued that many families are keen to listen to their advice but it may not be implemented in practice because of the difficulty of interpreting food labels.

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