Clear labelling 'improves industry health and safety'

27th November 2013 - Fine Cut
Clear labelling 'improves industry health and safety'

The fast-paced nature of business in the modern era means there is very often little time to roll out health and safety procedures that will protect both members of staff and the public.

However, failure to do so could see companies face penalties and prosecution, while putting the lives of employees at risk.

Because there is such a limited amount of time available for firms to improve standards, it is important that companies plan for every eventuality and go the extra mile to ensure their workforce is safe.

At Fine Cut, we understand how clear labelling and signposts at any facility can help companies to prevent accidents. Our dedicated team of engineers are on hand to help you decide how best to use our products to better your operations.

Industrial labels can be utilised to serve several purposes, ensuring that certain chemicals are clearly identified in order to avoid mistakes and incidents from taking place. We use the latest state-of-the-art technology to produce the highest-quality labels that will ensure your workplace is a safer, happier environment.

Clear and concise labelling is just one way companies are expected to improve their health and safety strategy, there are many other issues to think about when trying to prevent accidents - and firms that fail to do so could face legal implications.

A Monmouth-based construction firm and its managing director were recently fined £7,000 plus £3,357 in legal costs after a labourer sustained serious injuries having fallen four metres through a barn roof. The employee broke his back on his first day working at the company after landing on a concrete floor.

Managing director John Dunmore was aware that the roof was unsafe and verbally warned employees to be careful. However he did not ensure that the job was properly planned or carried out safely.

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