Choose Fine Cut for your labelling requirements

30th October 2013 - Fine Cut
Choose Fine Cut for your labelling requirements

It is imperative for companies operating across a variety of industries in the UK to keep the safety and wellbeing of members of staff at the forefront of their priorities.

Not only do businesses that put their employees' lives at risk put themselves under threat of prosecution, it is also likely their workforce will be very unhappy with the conditions they face on a daily basis.

There are several measures that firms can roll out to ensure that health and safety standards are improved - including using clear and accurate labelling to identify potentially dangerous chemicals.

At Fine Cut, we understand how important effective labelling is as part of everyday working practice - and our products and services reflect this. By requesting our assistance, companies can rest assured that their labelling needs will be met to the highest standard.

We provide a wide selection of products that can be used to fulfil a variety of requirements, benefiting firms operating in many industries - including the automative, agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

Correctly labelling products, ingredients and machinery could prevent members of the public or employees sustaining serious injuries, which is something that can help companies save money in the long term.

Health and safety is becoming an increasing priority for companies in the modern age, as it ensures that staff are kept safe from harm and boosts overall morale.

The latest data released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) pointed to an 11 per cent drop in major injuries in workplaces this year.

In Britain between April 2012 and March 2013, some 148 workers were fatally injured - a marked improvement on the 171 who were killed in their line of work last year. HSE figures revealed the average for the past five years was 181 deaths every 12 months.

Judith Hackitt, chair of HSE, said: "This year’s figures demonstrate that Britain continues to be improve its health and safety performance, with important falls in the number of workers fatally injured and the number of employees suffering major injuries."

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