Branding 'more important than ever'

21st February 2014 - Fine Cut
Branding 'more important than ever'

It seems the whole world has gone digital crazy. We spend so much of our lives glued to screens either in our homes or out on the move, clicking, connecting, typing, tweeting, poking and posting. It seems the digital revolution is truly an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

However, writing for, marketing director of True North - the fastest growing independently owned and run TV production company outside London - Sara Johnson is urging business leaders to stop and take a moment to remember the days before the online transformation of society. 

Naturally, forward-thinking companies have had to adapt to the ways consumers now wish to shop, connect and consume content, by focusing far more on their digital offering. However, Ms Johnson is urging companies to remember the benefits of perhaps more old-fashioned, traditional branding.

"It does strike me however that 'brand' has become the new 'digital'," she writes. "My attitude [in the early days of digital] was that [it] is just a channel and should be treated as such. While I stand by this to a degree, I now recognise that digital is a channel which exposes brand behaviour to absolute scrutiny, requiring 100 per cent clarity, transparency and commitment to core values."

For this reason, branding is in fact more important than ever, and it is vital that companies are paying attention to their brand across all forms of channels, including more traditional ones, rather than focusing all of their efforts on the channel du jour.

If companies don't pay attention to their fundamental attributes and slip up somewhere down the line, the digital revolution has meant it is now easier than ever for consumers to reject and ridicule firms, products and services which they do not feel are up to standard.

"'Brand' in the true sense, has never been more important," the expert explains, highlighting how it is about far more than just designing an eye-catching logo and coming up with a mission statement for your company. 

A brand is something to be created over time, nurtured and propagated through every fibre of your company's being - both your digital offering and everything in between, right down to a leaflet explaining your services or a bumper sticker.

Think of Apple. While it may be one of the most innovative companies in the world, arguably the most compelling element of the company is simplicity at its very best - its logo. See a product brandished with this icon and many are instantaneously persuaded that the product will be reliable, high-quality and a piece of must-have tech. 

While it is certainly a good idea to invest time, money and resource into an effective digital marketing strategy, nurture your brand right from the traditional roots up and the rest will follow. 

Ms Johnson explains how this means companies need "a clear brand proposition that not only informs how they look and communicate but how they operate, which decisions they make and how".

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