Book reveals secrets behind processed food

27th February 2013 - Fine Cut

A new book entitled 'Pandora's Lunchbox: How processed foods took over the American meal' reveals the secrets behind some of the USA's - and the world's - most-loved processed foods.

Written by a former reporter within the food industry, Melanie Warner, the book explores what goes into things like cheese slices, or Subway sandwiches.

Although many people read the labels found on their food products, they may not actually understand what most of the ingredients are. This is because the labels show the chemical names for the ingredients and don't explain what they actually are.

To demonstrate this, Warner reveals all in the hard-hitting book - which details the 105 ingredients that go into Subway's Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. These include sodium phosphates (otherwise known as salt), maltodextrin (starch) and potassium chloride (yet more salt).

Whilst Warner aims to educate the world and encourage people to think about what they're eating in greater detail, she does admit that it's impossible to avoid all processed foods. relayed the mantra she settled on with herself, which she'd love others to follow: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

She also implied she would settle for simply reducing the size of the processed food industry; understanding that it can't be eradicated altogether, reports.

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