Accurate labels vital in agriculture

16th October 2013 - Fine Cut
Accurate labels vital in agriculture

Farming businesses across the UK have a responsibility to protect the wellbeing of members of staff, who carry out their duties in potentially dangerous workplaces on a daily basis.

Members of staff performing tasks for agricultural companies can very easily hurt themselves or others if their employer fails to comply with health and safety regulations.

By taking certain measures, companies within particularly dangerous sectors can prevent such incidents from taking place with an effective strategy, which could save the lives of workers.

Fine Cut understands just how important health and safety is for the agriculture industry and our range of products aims to make it easier for firms to roll out plans to ensure members of staff and the public are safe at all times.

All our agricultural labels are produced using materials of the highest quality, while featuring a variety of permanent and high tack adhesive that ensures they will be both long-lasting and durable.

Our dedicated team of engineers are able to manufacture labels that can be used to suit a variety of purposes.

Pump labels, fuse box labels, barcode tracking, motor labels, heavy machinery and forestry equipment are just some of the areas our labels can be utilised.

Companies that make use of services provided by Fine Cut can greatly reduce their risk of prosecution for failing to adhere to health and safety regulations.

A Lincolnshire-based firm has recently incurred a fine of £10,000 plus £13,420 in legal costs after its workers were put at risk of developing asthma through the spraying of a hazardous chemical.

Marston Agricultural Services permitted trailers to be sprayed with isocyanate-containing paint without assessing the dangers of doing so. The firm did not implement adequate controls to protect employees from the effects of the chemical.

Emma Madeley, an inspector from the Health and Safety Executive, said: "Breathing in isocyanate paint mist can cause asthma and paint sprayers are about 80 times more likely to get asthma than the average worker.

"Continued exposure may lead to permanent and severe asthma for which there is no cure."

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