120% growth in chocolate boasting ethical labels

16th May 2014 - Fine Cut
120% growth in chocolate boasting ethical labels

Here at Fine Cut, we are always interested in the latest trends and developments in the labelling sector to know what path our industry is going down and where it is likely to head in the future.

It is also vital to understand retailing trends, to know what is important to the general public. If you work in B2C manufacturing, for example, if it matters to consumers, chances are that you should be paying attention too.

In a recent article for the Guardian, managing director of Divine Chocolate Ltd Sophi Tranchell has explained how ethical labelling and standards appear to be thriving when it comes to chocolate products.

As the expert explains, we rely on smallholder farmers - the ones for whom ethical and sustainable supply chain regulation is so important - to produce around 70 per cent of our food, a fact that it would appear the cocoa trade has woken up to.

A recent survey by Mintel found that over the last 12 months, the number of new chocolate products hitting shop shelves that are coming complete with ethical stamps on their labels has grown by a staggering 120 per cent. 

"There really is a revolution happening in our favourite cocoa-based consumer goods category. Some of the biggest corporations in the world have converted their biggest brands in the world to Fairtrade," she says.

Statistics from the Fairtrade Foundation itself show that Fairtrade chocolate sales exceeded £820 million last year, which represented a 52 per cent increase on the year before and ten times more sales than those recorded just a decade earlier.

Therefore, if these standards are becoming increasingly important to consumers, it is vital that - should you have received ethical approval - you are making this clear on your label. Give us a call today to see how our experts can help you to capitalise on the design of your logo.

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