QA Manager 21st Birthday Charity Skydive

02nd September 2016 - Fine Cut

Jack pollard, Fine Cut's QA Manager, as now completed his charity skydive. Heres his story...

"My 21st started with a two hour journey to Salisbury to a small place called Sarum airfield. I arrived at 8:30am with my family eager to watch. Sunny but chilly conditions I signed in and met the crazy team at the skydive centre. After watching the promotional video (including statistics on safety 1 in 370 people have an injury!) it was a short delay until the briefing. I had a coffee whilst mulling over my crazy idea and watched a few people having flying lessons. 

Around 9.30 I had a briefing with Gordon (the crazy South African organiser) on the body position I had to adopt in the plane and when freefalling through the sky.

I then went back inside and paid in my various monies for the charity and jump. Another to signatures and disclaimers later I was ready for the call!

Another hour went by so we cracked out the picnic, during this time I watched a few people parachuting and all the people that I had training with had all been up (and come down) 

Around 11 o’clock I got the call it was my turn soon so got the gear on. A lovely blue all in one with funny leg pieces followed by harnesses, a leather cap and plastic goggles and I was all set to go. 

I met Jim, the guy I was going to be attached to. With him having done 6998 jumps I felt a little better. 

5 minutes of pictures and waiting and he said we had to go as the plane was on its way back down. A short drive around to the other side of the field and we were ready. 

Gordon and a lady touched down a it was looking like we were going to have to go on a hold as conditions were changing. The pilot radioed and said conditions were fine and Jim was happy to do it. 

The plane landed and we climbed aboard. The plane took off and we started the climb to 10,000 feet (in a plane held together with tape!) 

Finch the camera man took some footage before Jim told me its time to be strapped together.

Through the clouds we went looking pretty high before Jim shows me his watch and we are only at 5000 feet. 

Once at 10,000 ft the pilot shouted over the roar of the engine that we had 30 seconds. I put my hat and goggles on and my heart began to race.

Finch opened the roller door and clambered to the outside of the plane, no going back now Jim and I swung our legs over the edge of the plane. 

Looking down out of the plane I got a tap on the shoulder, crossed my arms.

WE JUMP!!!!!!!

Amazing we drop 4500 ft in what seems like 10 seconds over 100mph its an experience that cant be described.

Hurtling towards the ground with finch doing spins below and filming myself and jim, Tings suddenly slowed down and the parachute had opened. Everything is still and calm, no noise at all.

Jim guides me through steering and lets me take the controls. We slowly drift down and prepare to land. Feet up and arms raised with a sharp yank of the ropes at the last second and we touch effortlessly on the ground. 

Before I have time to think Jim and Finch have packed up their chutes and are back in the plane to do it again!

What an amazing experience would love to do it again.

A big thank you to everyone that sponsored me I have raised hundreds of pounds for the great charity, The Alzheimer’s society."

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