Fine Cut's Rally Plate Division - Re-branded!

27th September 2019 - Fine Cut
Fine Cut's Rally Plate Division - Re-branded!

Introducing Dragonfly - The Rally Plate Company...

Since 2014 Fine Cut has been producing Rally Plates for a wide array of event organisers under the main Fine Cut brand.

Our innate ability and desire to produce top quality products saw continual growth in this market. It's been our joy to produce such an integral part to all these events over the years.

Each rally is a pin in every club members calendar and the rally plate they take home is often the prized keepsake.

In 2016, veterans of the trade and industry-renowned Dragonfly Design Ltd, were looking to humbly retire. With many years of service, they wanted to ensure their legacy and customers could be passed on to capable hands. It was in 2017 Fine Cut Group agreed to assume control of their brand and customer base for the future. 

Now, after 2 strong years of development, Dragonfly - The Rally Plate Company is truly embedded as a division of the Fine Cut Group alongside other brands such as Attach A Tag and P&S Engraving.

Dragonfly's new website launched in September 2019 with an array of features such as the unique rally plate builder and an event map amongst the many new features and resources which can be found on the site. 

We look forward to improving every aspect our Dragonfly brand has to offer and welcome any and all event enquiries

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