Laboratory labels by Fine Cut

29th January 2014 - Fine Cut
Laboratory labels by Fine Cut

Labels are a vital tool for a wide range of businesses operating across a variety of industries - and at Fine Cut, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service for all our customers, no matter in which field they specialise.

Whether used to identify products, warn of hazardous ingredients or promote a specific brand, our labels are ultimately designed to make your life easier, while also serving an incredibly important purpose. 

Fine Cut's dedicated team of engineers understands the need to utilise labels that are well-suited to the application they are required for, which will ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible. 

While your area of expertise may not lie with our product range, we set out to inform all of our customers about how clearly-printed and high-quality labels could enhance their business. 

Fine Cut's laboratory labels

As a leading manufacturer of durable, innovative identification and marking products for the medical industry, Fine Cut is dedicated to helping your business to find a suitable product for your individual specification. 

We are able to provide cutting-edge solutions for various applications, from patient tracking to asset management in hospitals. Our laboratory labels are available in an extensive range of materials and adhesives suitable for extreme storage conditions and processing. 

As standard, Fine Cut's laboratory labels are also suitable for clean room and bench-top environments - such as autoclave and centrifuge applications. 

What are they used for? 

Medical companies or research bodies that are looking to request Fine Cut's services may be wondering which specifications we can provide for. Below is a list of all suitable applications - simply contact our customer service team for more information. 

- Sample tracking
- Warning bio-hazard
- Document control
- Patient records
- Clinical trials
- Asset register
- Barcode tracking 
- CoSHH labelling
- Well plate labels 
- Microtube labelling 
- Collection tube labels 
- Glassware labels
- Petri dish labelling 
- Re-agent bottle labels 
- Sample preparation notes 

The diverse specifications of medical practitioners means that labels have to be produced to be resistant to a variety of materials. For this reason, we offer products in a number of materials including vinyl, polyester and paper. 

Our labels can also be made resistant against: 

- Extreme temperatures 
- Chemicals 
- Disinfectant 
- Cryo storage
- Handling 
- Abrasion
- Immersion
- Solvents 
- Scuffing 
- Moisture 

Contact us for more information 

Fine Cut's team is on hand to help you throughout the buying process, as we are aware that selecting suitable labels for your requirements may seem like a daunting task. 

We can also offer advice and support regarding several key issues, including the material and finish of your labels.

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