‘Christmas Eve Box’: Laser Cutting MDF

02nd February 2017 - Fine Cut
‘Christmas Eve Box’: Laser Cutting MDF

Fine Cut Original: Pt.2

‘Christmas Eve Box’: Laser Cut MDF

Our previous focus was on laser engraving leather, but now we are showing how the same laser can be used to cut wood, specifically MDF, to a high level of precision.

MDF is a regularly used material by laser engravers. Consumers like using wood because it looks great once engraved and MDF in particular is cost effective. Fortunately, it’s also a great material to laser because of the contrast the laser engraving process can have on the material. You can see a very clear range of contrasts we can achieve with MDF here

When we engrave wood, we often slow down the laser to cleanly penetrate the denser material. These speeds change again depending on the type of wood. There are risks with lasering wood slowly, namely fires and excess charring creating a rough edge. To work around this, we manage the air around the focal point so we both suffocate the area of oxygen and blow stray flames away. In addition to this, we employ a couple of other trade methods to ensure a sharp edge, one of which is the use of a protective covering. 

These Christmas Eve boxes were the perfect way to showcase the lasers precision. The pairing of both the small snowflakes and the large smooth lettering should represent the capabilities of this laser. We used 6mm thick MDF to give a more solid and quality feel to the box. 

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