A guide to Fine Cut's electronic labels

16th January 2014 - Fine Cut
A guide to Fine Cut's electronic labels

The need for high-quality labels that cater to the requirements of companies in a variety of industries is at the forefront of Fine Cut's operations, as we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers.

Firms requesting our services can be safe in the knowledge that they are receiving the best possible labelling products, with our state-of-the-art machinery and experienced workforce a key component in keeping this promise.

Discovering the type of labels that are best-suited to your requirements can be a tough ask, particularly for those firms with limited knowledge on the matter. However, Fine Cut is dedicated to delivering the best possible products with the most successful end result.

Read on for more information about Fine Cut's electronic labels, which are utilised by companies in a variety of sectors.

Fine Cut's electronic labels

Our dedicated team of engineers lead the way in the production of labels for the Electronic & Electrical OEM industry. We are able to provide cutting-edge solutions for a variety of applications such as product overlays and barcode sample tracking.

Fine Cut's electronic labels are manufactured from high-quality materials, which feature a range of permanent and high tack adhesive combinations for long-lasting performance.

What are they used for?

Our range of electronic labels can be used to suit a variety of applications, including component identification, safety alerts, serial numbering, barcode tracking, wiring circuit diagrams, warning labels, data matrix codes, CE marking, anti-stating labels and rating identification.

Fine Cut's electronic labels can be manufactured from a number of materials and using a wide variety of adhesives. Included in these are polyester, MrPVC, metalised polyester, transparent labels, high tack, permanent, security and adhesive free areas.

Our high-quality products can also be made resistant to:

- Extreme temperatures
- Oils
- Diesel
- Petrol
- Grease
- Abrasion
- Handling
- Chemicals
- Solvents
- Moisture

Our electronic labels adhere to stainless steel, plastics, rubber, wood, ceramics, glass, mild steel and aluminum.

Help from Fine Cut

At Fine Cut, we understand that selecting the labels that best suit your requirements can be a difficult task - especially when you have limited knowledge of the industry. This is just one of the reasons why our dedicated team are with you every step of the way throughout the production process.

We can recommend and advise on several key issues, including material and finish.

Choosing the right label

Answering the following questions will help you to decide which labels would be best-suited to your requirements.

- Will the labels contain images, photos or barcodes?
- What will they be used for?
- Do they need to be in colour, or black and white?
- Does the label need to be easily removable, or will it remain stuck firmly to the surface?
- Which specific substances do they need to be resistant to?

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